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Wendell NC Auto Repair – Poole’s Garage

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

Most people know that they have an oil filter that needs to be replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Some people know that they also have a fuel filter that needs to be replaced. Remarkably, even fewer realize they have a cabin filter that needs to be checked as...

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Fuel Delivery Problems Can Make Your Car Run Poorly

Automotive fuel delivery systems in cars are of two types: one system uses a carburetor and a mechanical pump and the other delivers fuel through electronic fuel injection and an electric pump. The former works by using a vacuum to draw fuel into the engine with the...

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My 04 Mazda 6 had all of a sudden developed a strange vibration in the front. I stopped into Poole’s to have them take a look and turns out it one of the balancing weights on my passenger side tire up front had come off making the wheel out balance and causing the strange vibration. They could have told me anything, but I was in and out within 45 mins and the bill was less than $25! They were very friendly and most of all honest, I’ll be back again.
Beth H.

Great local shop! They do just about everything, and so far I haven’t had an issue with poor work, unnecessary repairs, upselling, or any trickery. In fact, they’ve talked me out of unnecessary work. I double checked, and they don’t mark up their parts, the labor cost is average, and they get the work down as quickly as they can. If you go there often, they might even provide you a “loaner”, which is a pretty awesome thing to do for someone who needs a daily driver. Good folks, good work, good prices.
Dave C.

The guys at this place are awesome. I had brought my truck in for a noise, 3 different guys drove my truck and listened to the noise… they all talked amongst themselves to come up with what’s wrong. They are fair on the pricing, didn’t break the bank with this one! Everyone is friendly and helpful, and the adorable fat fluffy little Pug Otis is heart-warming, keep up the great work guys, I’ll be back!
Sarah I.

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