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Prevention is always better than the cure, but sometimes overheating does get the better of your car. The most obvious problem could be coolant levels and if your coolant is low you may have a leak resulting in overheating.

The radiator could be one place but also split hoses, failed clamps and worn out water pumps. Never attempt to open a hot radiator until the car has cooled for about 30 minutes! Failure to do so could result in serious scald burns.

The cooling fan is a critical component when it comes to preventing overheating. Depending on the year of your car the fan may be belt-driven or use an electrical fan.

A belt is pretty easy to visually diagnose and not to difficult to repair however the electric fan is not as easy. The motor may have burned out and needs to be replaced or oftentimes it’s the switch that turns it on and off which has failed.

Battery Problems

Battery issues are also a common cause of car problems. Fortunately, it’s simple to check the battery connections, look for loose connections, corrosion or any fraying. If your connections are ok then it’s most likely a dead battery. Get a jump start and head to your local auto parts store, have them test it and if necessary purchase a new one.

Ignition Issues

With all the electronics packed into our cars these days its no surprise that ignition issues can happen. Most modern cars use coil packs or coil on plugs to manage the spark and can be prone to failure.

They usually fail one at a time which will cause your check engine light to come on and your car to run rough. Carefully get your car to a qualified auto repair shop like Poole’s Garage right away to diagnose and repair.

Fortunately, none of the problems above are too expensive to fix but all are critical to keeping your car running.