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Tires account for quite a high proportion of the money the average person invests in their vehicle, especially considering the number of times they need to be changed. A worn out tire tread will have reduced traction with the road and can bring instability to the vehicle.

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Proper usage and sufficient care can ensure that you get a longer life out of your tires. Here are three ways to reduce tire wear:

1. Maintain a Proper Pressure in the Tire:

Every brand and model of tire is given a recommended tire pressure value by the manufacturer. This information would be available with any professional car mechanic.

This ideal tire pressure has to be maintained so that you can get the best performance out of them. Get your tires checked regularly; a weekly frequency works best and preferably at a fixed location every time while the tires have not yet heated up.

2. Get your Vehicle Aligned Regularly:

An improperly aligned car does not move straight ahead when in motion; rather, it tends to pull to one side. This can be detrimental to the condition of the tires, bringing on severe wear over time.

Moreover, the amount of wear is not equal on all tires, which can hamper the performance of the car. Misalignments can occur hitting a pothole or other large bump, loose suspension components can also affect alignment.

The recommended frequency for getting the vehicle’s alignment checked is once a year or about every 15,000 miles depending on your driving conditions.

3. Regular Rotation of Tires:

Wear is inevitable on tires, but it can be controlled to a large extent. The weight distribution on all tires is never equal, but the difference in wear can be made more uniform by rotating their position on the car at least every 5,000 miles.

There are several other healthy habits that you should follow to reduce tire wear, like don’t peel out at the traffic light. The same principle applies when bringing the car to a stop, skidding will cause flat spots and extra wear.

Carefully park next to the curb and avoid collision with the tires that can cause the rubber to peel off. If you follow the main three ways to reduce tire wear, along with these other tips, you will get the most mileage and the value from them.